by Dustin Hindman, Alex Y. Chang

The Challenge

A global leader in computer hardware wanted a better way to measure and act on pricing and product events in its markets. Internal attempts to collect pricing data points across competitors, regions and sales channels had proven difficult and time-consuming. By the time those internal efforts were done, the window for taking action had passed. Leadership was looking for faster insight – the capability to proactively and reactively respond to pricing events in the market based on insights derived from daily global pricing data. After considering a number of partners, the company chose Point B to build out a revenue-driving market intelligence capability.

Deeper market insight now

Bringing deep domain expertise to our client, we understood the issues they wanted to solve and developed a custom pricing and competition intelligence tool that makes data and insights available 24/7.

We built intelligent digital robots across nine global regions that interact with the largest ecommerce sites to emulate the shopping process. The tool collects a wealth of data—including pricing, availability, fulfilling, and specs. We also built a proprietary, AI-driven data classification engine to classify products, which enables attribute-based product comparisons across products and channels.

The solution draws on rich data to deliver self-service insights through Tableau visualizations. Users include stakeholders in Product and Brand, Sales & Marketing, and Sustain and Launch teams—with more to come. Teams now have the ready data at their fingertips to "dial in" pricing perfectly and eliminate gaps in product roadmaps.

Better intelligence, faster

Point B developed and delivered a market intelligence capability that:

Enables the pricing intelligence capabilities to make tactical pricing decisions that maximize revenue and adjust to competitor pressures.

Improves global product launch and sustain capabilities by implementing price index tracking of the company's product prices against direct competition.

Informs pricing strategies with full market visibility and insights into competitor pricing, plus notifications on competitors' new product launches.

Leverages in-depth analytics to estimate competitors' component costs on custom/up-sell options.

We also developed and delivered training for users in the U.S. and Asia. With new insight — and new speed to act on it — our client has a competitive edge that will evolve with its needs and the marketplace