A B2B retailer based in the US had a problem: they wanted to grow their business, but were constrained by manual processes and a 15-year-old ecommerce platform. Customers were calling field sales representatives and inside sales representatives to fill out order forms for them (online, fax and paper)—which wasn’t a very strategic use of their time. The company needed to update its platform to enable more personalization and free sales representatives to do higher-value work, as well as paving the way for international growth. Looking for a partner who would give them practical advice with an eye toward execution challenges, they turned to Point B.

Assessing the options

The company needed a new platform for ecommerce, digital marketing, and sales enablement, that would support corporate goals. It’s not enough to recommend a technology—the company also had to meet strategic imperatives and support the company’s plans for growth.

So we identified priorities, looked at the company’s organizational capabilities across ecommerce, marketing, and sales, and assessed their readiness to support a new digital strategy. We also completed a marketplace assessment of the leading vendors in ecommerce, web content management, and sales force automation.

Finally, we delivered recommendations and a three-year roadmap for the company to use in executing its new digital strategy. The roadmap includes RFIs/RFPs, vendor selection, implementation estimates, and necessary organizational and operational changes across IT, sales, and marketing.

The pragmatic approach

Through an objective RFP process, we helped the client select a new ecommerce solution that would enable them to increase sales as well as reduce operational costs.

Using personalization, the platform can cross and upsell items or add-ons that our client’s customers might not otherwise have seen. As a result, company leadership is building a business case for change.

By giving our client pragmatic, realistic advice that resonated with both the technical and the business audience, we helped them make the case for change with their board. We helped them pave the way toward increased basket size and a better customer experience.