by James Pan


An American agribusiness company has been driving impressive revenue growth over a number of years, aided in part by acquisitions. The company used a highly customized ERP system on a version that was no longer supported by the vendor. A new ERP platform was needed to support growth. In order to secure its parent company’s support, the standard software solution and preferred system integration partner would have to deliver the transformation. However, before work could proceed, the company needed to understand and prepare for change on a scale they had never experienced. The new CIO realized that his IT department of 20 people, as well as the lean business teams, did not have the time or the experience to deliver this on their own. They brought in Point B to help.

Closing the Gaps

Point B provided program leadership, change management and design expertise. We focused on helping our client get ready for the fast pace of project work by:

  • Building a project team to get quickly through storming and norming to high performing
  • Establishing efficient governance and decision making across supply chain and finance teams that had previously operated as independent silos

Our design expertise helped the company understand how a seemingly small design decision can have large end-to-end business process impact. That helped them define a clear future state operating model.

Seizing the Opportunity

Point B provided the company with a comprehensive design and management framework that enables them to control design decisions as they build, test and deploy a solution that represents the needs of running the business. To do this needed business engagement, we:

  • Engaged more than 100 employees
  • Documented more than 500 design decisions
  • Held 350 workshops to drive and clarify requirements, gaps in software and design considerations
  • Identified 143 development objects

From the start our approach worked to empower the client so once through design they had the skills to take full ownership.

We also served as advocates for our client with its parent company, who’d hired the system integrator. By using Point B’s approach, our client’s ERP program has turned into a catalyst for facilitating interaction across the company, helping different teams (and sibling companies under the parent company’s umbrella) to better understand how each other works and look for opportunities to cross over functional boundaries to do things better, faster and cheaper.