Like many healthcare companies, a nonprofit health plan has embraced the coordinated care organization (CCO) model—along with the challenge of meeting CCO performance incentives worth millions of dollars. The ability to meet those incentive benchmarks depends heavily on a variety of deeply nuanced reporting metrics. At the same time, this company also faced the expansion of Oregon's Medicaid and its own internal reorganization. With a pressing need for a robust business intelligence (BI) solution that would support all of the above, the company reached out to Point B.

Analytics on a mission

The nonprofit health plan engaged Point B to conduct a current state assessment and develop recommendations with a roadmap for enhancing its population health analytics and reporting capabilities. Our recommendations included a data warehouse capability and nimble data visualization tools to support the actionable insights that case managers and physicians need.

This company engaged us to lead the implementation of Tableau Server and develop an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to expand organizational analytics capabilities. We took a multi-threaded, agile approach that allowed the company to quickly gain high-quality visualizations with Tableau while also advancing its core data management and BI infrastructure.

BI without the angst

Within just five months, we delivered an HIPAA-compliant security model and a member-centric EDW. We also achieved a tenfold increase in Tableau Desktop Authors, who are working in a new

  • Enterprise Tableau Server environment. The result: a robust BI solution to achieve our client's mission and mandate, including:
  • Production-ready data visualizations that provide new business insights—with a noticeable change in how people look at, and use, data
  • Highly capable dashboard authors ready to serve departments
  • Efficient support processes that merge dashboard data sources into the EDW
  • A framework to extend self-service analytics in sustainable iterations across departments

Enthusiastic adoption is another gratifying sign of success: the nonprofit health plan’s BI program drives new decision-making powers that both internal users and community partners have welcomed with open arms.