“There’s a crisis at the North Pole! We can’t fulfill our Christmas Eve commitments!”

“There’s no room for error,” said Sparkles, COO for Santa Clause, Inc., in a strained voice. “Our brand lives and breathes for this one night. Can you help?”

“We’d be honored,” said Mike Pongon, CEO of Point B, Inc. “We’ll do whatever it takes.”

The Challenge

We discovered a unique problem at the North Pole, “How to replace a legend?” Rudolph, the original red-nosed reindeer, had developed the very rare and debilitating arthritis of the nose.

Worse yet, Santa’s logistics team had discovered that ONLY Rudolph knew the secret routes that enabled Santa to deliver on time. Models showed there was a real possibility that what had been done in one night, would take up to seventeen days. Santa shamed by two-day free shipping? Inconceivable!

The Solution

We created a plan to resolve the most immediate problems and to establish an infrastructure that would be resilient.

“We will take your team through the whole process,” said Kai Andrews, Point B’s Future of Work Principal, “but it’s going to take a top-to-bottom overhaul.”

His nose feebly glowing, Rudolph said, “Make it so.”

Point B took a Future of Work approach, reorganizing the workforce and technology platforms for a new way of delivery. Fortunately, Santa has the best R&D resources on Earth. His traditional sled was re-engineered into the NCC-1701 Sky Sleigh logistics support vehicle. Faster, quieter and, without the reindeer drive train, much lower in emissions.

Point B led development of an AI-driven, augmented reality navigation system that was fed constant weather, location and naughty or nice data. Information that had once only lived in Rudolph’s capable head was now analyzed, optimized and made available to the entire logistics team.

Santa cruised silently in a climate-controlled cockpit while his route was plotted out and visualized with AR through a lightweight headset. He could deliver in less time, and the added capacity meant Santa Clause, Inc. would be able to keep their most important brand promise, even as business expanded. He did not fail to notice that his route could be filtered by “milk and cookie” quality scores. Impressed, Santa couldn’t help feeling this new way of doing business was going to be a game changer.

The Results

  • AI solution capable of real-time optimization of production and delivery logistics
  • Reduced boarding and veterinary costs
  • Growth opportunities identified
  • 201.9% increase in Elf workforce job satisfaction
  • Rudolph, enjoying retirement in Bermuda, sipping on a Piña Colada

“I almost couldn’t believe what the Point B team did for us. They parachuted into a hurricane! I had elven pandemonium—on October 18th! OCTOBER 18! We were looking at a full meltdown! They steadied the ship and over-delivered! I hope they all put out extra-large stockings this year, because they’ve got a bonus coming.” - Sparkles Amanita, COO Santa Clause Inc.

Happy holidays and have a great 2019!