Today's Environment

In many markets around the country, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are taking shape as providers and payors form new partnerships to reduce costs and improve outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

Some major payors are already engaged in ACO pilot programs or contracts with providers, working out the high levels of collaboration and information-sharing that will be essential to success. Many more payors are still assessing the marketplace and deciding what they must do to address the challenges of ACOs and capture the opportunities.

Point B’s Perspective

Wherever your organization is in the process from evaluating to embarking on an ACO, you’ll find that the ACO model takes the provider-payor relationship beyond business as usual. In fact, the transformation of the provider-payor relationship is at the heart of the ACO paradigm. Without it, ACOs can’t deliver on their promise.

Engaging in new partnerships with a diverse array of providers—and even other payors—will require new strategies and new structures based on a deep understanding of the changing landscape. Through Point B’s Healthcare Payor Collaborative, we help clients think through the ACO issues that arise from strategy through implementation. We bring perspective that draws on our experience with payors and providers, helping our clients pursue new partnerships and distill changing market realities into practical ways to be well positioned in the ACO marketplace.