With the rising price of acquisitions and an increasingly competitive PE market, it’s more imperative than ever to create additional enterprise value in portfolio companies through operational excellence. 

We offer a unique platform of diligence, operational and capital services to our private equity partners and their portfolio companies by leveraging the expertise, innovation and network of Point B Capital. We're investors, owners and operators, so we understand what it means to align to your interests and deliver the results that matter.

We tap into the intellectual and tactical resources of our national consulting firm (Fortune magazine’s 2017 #1 Best Workplace), portfolio companies and a select network of investment partners to execute your vision. We are different from the “strategy” consultants – we are operationally-focused professionals with deep expertise in project leadership, company transformation and technological innovation.

Point B Private Equity Services connects PE firms and their portfolio companies with the best resources to maximize value and free up capacity to mutually attain the investment goals of the PE Firm (successful exits) and the operating goals of the portfolio company (better profitability and long-term value).

Our Differentiators


We bring an operational lens to your due diligence process. With access to our seasoned operations and process improvement team, we provide outside perspective on the levers you will need to pull in the first 100 days and beyond. We lend another set of eyes to construct and review corporate research, participate in management presentations, and engage with the target company to assess process & capacity. Our goal is to help you enter your investment with a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities on Day 1.


Whether it is in the development of your 100-day plan, providing capacity to the management team, or running a PMO / providing project leadership mid-investment, we have the resources to help you reach your goals. With our breadth of capabilities across operations, technology & automation, business development, digital marketing, and property development, we can give you the tools to scale with speed & the assurance of doing the job right. We will help you accurately assess risks, create realistic metrics, and build sustainable growth. Our track record of working with companies and leadership to form lasting enterprise value speaks for itself.


We bolster the capabilities and performance of your internal M&A process. We can help craft and optimize internal acquisition and integration playbooks and assess readiness for integration. If a current integration is underway but not realizing expected value, our uniquely collaborative approach can get the integration back on track. Our focus on value creation, balance of rigor and flexibility, and our ability to partner through multiple levels of integration separates us from the rest. Managing organizational change is a critical part of the journey and Point B has helped hundreds of clients develop strategies, prepare for close, and drive the execution of an integration or divestiture.


As investors, we understand the importance of and sensitivity around an exit process. We will work with you, as well as your advisory partners and buyers to ensure a successful sale and the smooth transition of your business. Our experience will help you find the remaining pieces of operational efficiency, create a roadmap for the next stage of growth, and prepare key role players for continued development. Most importantly, we will be there for both our private equity and corporate partners after the transaction – Our relationships are founded on a principal of long-term trust and accountability.