Meet the Team

Our team unites over 35 years of Point B leadership with over 50 years of venture capital and investment experience. We are skilled at how we practically apply this and the vast experience from Point B Consulting.


Brian Armstrong

Managing Director, Point B Capital

I bring 30 years of practical experience leading and working with companies in various stages of growth in the lending, private capital, and joint venture markets.


John Bjornson

President of Point B Capital

I’m the founder and President of Point B Investment Services. I have led hundreds of Point B business and technology projects across multiple clients and industries. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family at our cabin on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.


Brayton Gove

Principal, Point B Capital

I focus on current and future investments for Point B Investment Services. I bring expertise in due diligence, financial modeling, competitive analysis and business finance. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family skiing and traveling.


Tim Larson

Managing Director, Investment Services

As a Managing Director, I combine a strategic mindset with a bias towards execution to lead award winning, culture focused teams. I have 30+ years of industry and consulting experience in a wide-variety of sectors.


Micole McCarthy

Analyst, Point B Capital

I conduct PBC investment analysis and support Point B Capital’s Investment Services. I bring experience in retail, retail ops, project management, strategic planning, marketing and development. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, photography, and doting on my dog Bailey.


Joe Piper

Managing Director, Point B Capital

I bring 15+ years of venture capital experience and 25+ years of healthcare investment and transaction experience. In my free time, I build furniture and enjoy cycling.


David Price

Managing Director, Private Equity Services

I bring 20+ years of experience in private equity, consulting and financial services. My focus has been on business development and managing the deployment of operational assets to assist in company transformations. I live in Southern California with my wife and daughter. I’am an avid skier, rock climber and triathlete.


Lainey Sickinger

Senior Associate

I bring 20+ years of experience working with C-Suite leaders to develop and curate the VC Briefing agenda in partnership with our portfolio companies, the VC network, and startup ecosystems across the US. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading and outdoor sports.


Greg Voutsos


As a senior analyst with Point B Investment Services focused on University Venture Capital, I bring over 4 years of experience in healthcare, business, and technology related engagements and advisory. My experience includes strategy, data analysis, forecasting, market research, and program leadership.

Additional Experts


Dan Avery

Managing Principal